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Located in the region of Napa, CA, Mark Caro, PhD is a counselor who has been helping people get over their problems, since 1982. Here you can receive treatment for PTSD and other problems your everyday life may be causing you. The EMDR therapy you will undergo has proven beneficial for many people with different problems and is known to have great effects on depression, mental trauma, and other conditions and mental disorders.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Helping people of all ages, Mark Caro, PhD has a lot of experience with all kinds of mental conditions and problems. Turning to an experienced counseling expert when you are in need of qualified marriage family counseling therapy is the best course of action, and it can save your relationship. As your therapist, he will help you handle your problems and rediscover the joy of your life.

Get in touch with him now at (707) 252-1632.

Whether you require EMDR Therapy or just someone to listen to you, Mark Caro, PhD is the counselor for you. Located in the territory of Napa, CA, he believes that no stress is too great to overcome. Turn to him for family counseling that has helped countless couples. Contact him on (707) 252-1632 to book an appointment for the solving of your problems!

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